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The Lights are Coming on in the House of Love

Any Amy Grant fans? Just me? Oh, well... moving on.

We're still snuggled up in the tiny apartment, but big things have been happening.

Here's how this process has gone to date.

Oct 9, 2015 - We closed on the land that contained Pam & Dave's (Michelle's parents) house and on which we would build our house.

Oct 14 - P&D move in and start about making their piece of Harlenwood into their home.

Dec 18 - All four of us sign papers to split the property into two pieces with two separate deeds. Now we can begin applying for building permits, etc.

Jan 15, 2016 - Signed the paperwork and wrote the check to move the electrical line that ran through the house site.

Jan 30 - Our awesome contractor (more about him in another post) digs the trench in which the electrical line will be buried. It's inspected by the power company and approved.

Go away pole!
We hit a small vein of rock. There goes more money.

Then we wait.... Nothing can be done in the construction process until that power line and its 17,000 volts are safely buried underground.

March 10 - The line is moved, inspected, approved. Now we're ready to roll!

March 15 - Footers dug.

March 16 - Footers poured.

Had to bring in the pumper truck because the group was so wet.

March 30 - Little Man's 4th birthday and foundation block laid.

April 6 - Floor joists in place.

April 8 - Framing begins. This process takes about a month to complete. Spring weather and our "complicated" roof line eat up a good deal of that time.

May 21 - Roof is on!

May 22 - All exterior doors and windows installed.

May 23 - Plumbing rough in begins.

May 31 - Electrical rough in begins.

Currently, we are in decision mode. We've been pondering, pinning, pricing for moooooonnnnths. Now it's time to pull the trigger. Where can we save some ever-dwindling pennies? What can we upgrade later? What should be splurge on now? Can floor tile go on the wall? Where do we want the light switches and outlets? What color do we want the frieze board? What the heck is frieze board?! Did you know it takes 12 separate decisions to pick out brick? So. Many. Decisions. Oh, and by the way, you're going to need blinds, light fixtures, furniture, rugs.

More than one person told us that building a house is no small challenge to a marriage. They were not wrong. There is a great deal of discussion, compromise, debate, compromise, miscommunication, and compromise. Thankfully, we haven't found this process to be terrible. Most of it has been exciting and rewarding. It's not been all sunshine and roses, but we have grown our trust in each other. Our patience with each other (and a certain four-year-old) has improved. We communicate more effectively, and not just about the house. Now that we're starting the home stretch, I feel so good about where we are. I am so grateful for a husband who loves me unconditionally, works hard every single day, who builds me up. We are so fortunate to have a (generally) happy Little Man who has braved many a marathon trip to Lowes, lighting stores, and bank meetings. For not the first time, I give thanks for Steve Jobs and his brain.

We're approximately 90 days from completion. There's still so much to get done between now and moving day, but we can't wait to start this next chapter of our lives. Can't wait to have you all out to our little piece of Harlenwood!

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