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Our Story

By God's grace and our commitment to one another,
may our home be a place of
Love and Respect,
Safety and Comfort,
Belonging and Trust,
Learning and Laughter,
Service and Hospitality.
May each sunset bring
Peace and Contentment,
and may every sunrise renew
Hope and Joy
in our Risen Savior.
Our Story


We grew up in the country - Michelle in middle Tennessee and Jeremy in South Carolina. Over time, Michelle's family moved to the suburbs. Jeremy moved to Nashville for school.


When we married, we lived in west Nashville just a few minutes from downtown. When we were ready to think about having a child, we decided to move to the suburbs.


We thought we would be happy in a neighborhood with sidewalks and fun neighbors. But pretty soon we realized suburban life wasn't for us. We both wanted Wesley to grow up with lots of room to run and plenty of woods to explore.


In 2015, we decided to make the move. We started looking for land and put our house on the market. We started sketching a floor plan for our dream home. Michelle's parents joined us in the journey.


Things moved quickly. Our house went under contract and we found a great location next to some good friends. It even had a house that Michelle's parents loved! (Keep checking our blog - we'll tell that story soon.)


So here we are - living in a two bedroom apartment while our home is being built. We'll keep adding to the story on our blog as we continue this process. We'll also post hosting ideas and our favorite recipes from the country.


In the meantime, we'll keep getting ready to live the farm life.

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