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Do, do, do, Lookin' Out My Backdoor...

This morning after I finished my quiet time, I sat and stared out the big sliding glass door ar the wonderous view of...another apartment building. And for the 9,432,245th time in the last four months, I thought about how very ready I am to no longer live here. This aparment is less than half the size of our previous home, yet costs nearly as much as the mortgage on said home. The closets are small. The kitchen is regrettable. The very charming neighbors regularly cook authentic ethnic food, and the pungent aroma drifts up through the laundry closet and lingers like an annoying relative. And then there are the stairs...all three flights...with a sometimes compliant, nearly four-year-old man-cub. I regularly triage what items MUST come in from the car. Ugh. I could bend your ear for quite a spell about the trials and tribulations of living in an apartment, particularly at our current stage of life.

It's not long into my pity party though that I am reminded what a gift this apartment is. There is a roof over our head. Sweet hubby just built a fire in the fireplace. We have hear and air conditioning, warm running water, comfortable furniture. Our bellies are full. Clothes are clean and spilling out of the little closets. We lack for nothing. Like everyone we enjoy dreaming of the "one days".

And there it is, the real truth about this apartment. It's temporary. We're here because one of our "one day" dreams is coming true. We've designed the house we want to live in forever, and construction will begin any day now. We get to do what many people only ever dream about. And in this little apartment we are living the dream of so many around the world and in our own city. So many wil sleep tonight beneath the stars, in freezing temperatures, in the pouring rain. Tomorrow they will wear the same clothes and wonder when and where the next meal will come.

Tonight I sit and ask forgiveness for my selfishness and ingratitude. I hope it will be the last time, but I feel sure that I will revisit these thoughts and prayers all too soon. Y'all keep me accountable if you hear me complain.

At the beginning of this process, we began praying and thinking about all the things that could be done with this house and the land. I still don't know yet what doors God will open for us to extend hospitality and blessing through our home. I do know two things for certain. We have been blessed to be a blessing, to sow love and compassion wherever we see them lacking. Secondly, I know that I don't have ot wait for a house to fulfill that mission.

So, if you need a hug, a meal, a listening ear, some laughs, come on over to the tiny apartment. We'd love to see you and hear about your "one days".

#Lessons #BuildingaHouse

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